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The Birds by Toikka series started in 1972 specifically for iittala. It's a practical and poetic pairing, since iittala started as a glass factory in 1881. Then, iittala produced glass in ornamental styles popular during the era, but became one of the first to transition from decorative to functional. While Oiva Toikka's glass birds are a creative departure from this "form follows function" philosophy, they stay true to Nordic aesthetic. The birds are clean-lined, timeless, inspired by nature, and crafted from quality materials. Each bird he designs, iittala's blowers handcraft in Finland; the collaboration continues to push the boundaries of unique and meaningful art. Iittala's mission is to create pieces that won't be thrown away and these collectibles will be passed down generations. The iittala logo is one every Finn or fan of Finnish design recognizes, and many collectors leave the logo stickers on the base of their birds as a badge of authenticity.
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