2005 Toikka Birds by iittala

Toikka’s 2005 Annual Bird, the Turkey Fowl, with sharp geometry and staid confidence, stands in sharp contrast to his FinnFest Sleeping Summer Grouse, with its textured plumage and nestled posture. All of Oiva Toikka’s 2005 Glass Birds are idiosyncratic with special differences which make all of Oiva Toikka's Glass Birds unique.

iittala Toikka Sky Curlew
iittala Toikka Sky Curlew


More about 2005 Toikka Birds by iittala
Small miracles. Mankind’s stubborn joy in artistic expression will always find a way, and a material. Yet we must confess to our admiration for Oiva Toikka, who over the last 30 years has created a wonderful collection of Glass Birds.

His apparently limitless imagination, combined with a sophisticated knowledge of glass, has made it possible for him and his glass-blowers to create small miracles of life, sought after by collectors all over the world. Birds are individually handmade which makes each bird unique.

2005 Toikka Birds by iittala

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